Ismailis Through History: From Persecuted Minority to Pluralist Community ~ Ismaili Gnosis

This article tells the inspiring story of some of the most tragic moments in 1,400 year Ismaili history, with a focus on the grave persecutions endured by the Imams and the Ismaili Community from the death of the Prophet to the cessation of most of the persecution in time of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah. Most striking is how the recent Ismaili Imams, out of their sheer mercy and love for the unity and welfare of Islam, selflessly served the needs and interests of all Muslims – despite the historical fact that the Ismaili Imams were severely persecuted by the Umayyad, ‘Abbasid, Saljuq, Ayyubid, Mongol, Timurid, Safawid and Ottoman dynasties. It is indeed miraculous that the Ismaili Imams and Community even survived these persecutions, massacres and genocides in the first place.

Periods of Ismaili persecution presented
  • Seventh Century: Umayyad Oppression of the Ahl al-Bayt
  • Eight Century: ‘Abbasid Persecution of the Shi‘i Imams
  • Ninth Century: ‘Abbasid Persecution of the Concealed Isma‘ili Imams
  • Tenth Century: Struggles of the Fatimids and the Persian Isma‘ili Philosophers
  • Eleventh Century: Massacres of Isma‘ilis in Multan, North Africa and Persia
  • Twelfth Century: Murder of Imam Nizar and Saljuq Slaughter of the Nizari Isma‘ilis
  • Twelfth-Thirteenth Centuries: Murders of the Nizari Imams and Saljuq Massacres of the Nizari Isma‘ilis
  • Thirteenth-Fourteenth Centuries: Mongol Genocide of the Nizari Isma‘ilis
  • Fourteenth Century: Surviving the Mongols under Taqiyyah
  • Fourteenth-Fifteenth Centuries: Timurid Massacres amidst the Cover of Sufism
  • Sixteenth-Seventeenth Centuries: Safawid Persecutions of the Persian Nizari Isma‘ilis
  • Eighteenth Century: Nizari Imams’ Emergence from Obscurity
  • Nineteenth Century: The Rise of the Aga Khans
  • Twentieth Century: “The Glorious Brotherhood of Islam” – The Pan-Islamic Vision of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III
  • Present Day: “From A Single Soul” – The Pluralist Vision of Imam Shah Karim al-Husayni Aga Khan IV
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