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Aga Khan Museum video tour in 4K HD

Follow us as we venture to Toronto, Canada to check out North America’s newest museum – the Aga Khan Museum. This museum is North America’s first museum dedicated to the arts & culture of muslim civilizations across the world – from the Far East to North America. This museum is really special because it features much of the Aga Khan’s (descendent of the Prophet Muhammad) family personal art collections, gifted to their family throughout the ages (1400+ years) from all around the Muslim world. The primary purpose of the museum is to help create understanding and respect between Muslim civilizations and other cultures. To battle what the Aga Khan calls – The Clash of Ignorance that has been created between the West & East. As Prince Amyn Aga Khan expresses, “I think a lot of prejudices and misconceptions hopefully will be laid to rest … through mutual understanding, we will achieve mutual respect; and through mutual respect, we will achieve peace.”


Text, image and video: Rahim J YouTube channel (Permitted use)

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