Master Tag List

Every post must have a source and a document type (max 2 of each)

[source] book/magazine
[source] khalil andani
[source] mohib ebrahim
[source] mumtaz ali tajddin
[source] noorani family
[source] other

[document type] article
[document type] book review
[document type] book synopsis
[document type] book excerpt
[document type] download
[document type] editorial
[document type] gallery
[document type] interview
[document type] life story
[document type] link
[document type] opinion
[document type] other
[document type] proposal
[document type] presentation
[document type] q & a
[document type] quote
[document type] rebuttal
[document type] video

Optional tags based on content

All articles are for all audiences. Select audiences to specifically draw their attention to the article.

[audience] elementary school
[audience] high school
[audience] university
[audience] young adult

If article’s info is from a specific period (history, practice, tradition, etc.) and/or region pick the eras and/aor regions

[era] 0600-0900 (pre-fatimd)
[era] 0900-1100 (fatimid)
[era] 1100-1250 (alamut)
[era] 1250-1800 (post alamut)
[era] 1800+ (modern)

[region] arabia
[region] central asia
[region] china
[region] egypt
[region] europe
[region] indo subcontinent
[region] levant
[region] north africa
[region] north america
[region] oceana
[region] persia
[region] other
[region] sub-sahran africa

Select as many as needed (even from the same group) according to according to main themes or key points in the post

[community affairs] administration
[community affairs] faith education
[community affairs] leadership
[community affairs] imamat
[community affairs] ismaili civil society
[community affairs] other
[community affairs] private initiatives

[contemporary issues] alcohol
[contemporary issues] imamat
[contemporary issues] marriage
[contemporary issues] modernity
[contemporary issues] other
[contemporary issues] science
[contemporary issues] youth
[contemporary issues] young adult
[contemporary issues] adult
[contemporary issues] seniors

[heritage] culture
[heritage] biography
[heritage] history
[heritage] imamat
[heritage] knowledge

[institution] akdn
[institution] akm
[institution] council
[institution] iis
[institution] itreb
[institution] jamathkana
[institution] other akdn

[islam] history
[islam] knowledge
[islam] qur’an
[islam] shia
[islam] sunni
[islam] other

[miscellaneous] other

[rites and rituals] dasond
[rites and rituals] dua
[rites and rituals] fasting
[rites and rituals] ginans
[rites and rituals] jamathkana
[rites and rituals] majalis
[rites and rituals] other

[theology] allah
[theology] batin
[theology] blessings
[theology] din and duniya
[theology] evil
[theology] farmans
[theology] first principles
[theology] five pillars
[theology] haram & halal
[theology] hajj
[theology] heaven & hell
[theology] imamat
[theology] intellect
[theology] metaphysics
[theology] prayer
[theology] predestination
[theology] normatism
[theology] other
[theology] personal search
[theology] prophet
[theology] reincarnation
[theology] tawil
[theology] sins
[theology] zahir

[validation] allah
[validation] faith
[validation] imamat
[validation] quran
[validation] other

[values] cosmopolitan ethics
[values] ethics
[values] pluralism

Administration tags

[tei] featured

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